Pimp my profile plus:

After you place your order, you’ll complete a brief, online questionnaire which is designed to help us get to know you and what you’re looking for. We’ll use this information to write a cool, sexy, unique profile which will make you shine online.

For photo selection, we ask for a link to your Facebook or Instagram profile so that we can select your most dazzling pictures. We have found this to be the easiest way to share photos, while also allowing us bit of a social media stalk, which helps us to write a profile that is authentically representing you.

If you do not wish to share your account information with us, simply attach 7-10 photos for us to review and email to dates@profilepimpers.com. Your best photos will be selected by our professional relationship coaches. You will receive your new profile and selected photos within 48 hours.

Message writing:

Easy. Send us a snapshot of your match and their profile, including any opening message that you have received from them. We will then write a tailored response to help you succeed in grabbing their attention and securing a date. Need help with subsequent messages? Check out our VIP package below.


You’ll complete the same online questionnaire as Pimp my Profile, in addition to a few extra insights about yourself. This will help us to see where you’re going right and how we can continue to steer you in the right direction.

After reviewing your answers, you’ll get an hour-long FaceTime or Skype session with either Alex or Gilly, who will give you key pointers to help you rock your online and real life connections.

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